Why Photobooths are Becoming More Popular in Western Sydney

Why Photo Booths and Weddings Go So Well Together
November 14, 2016

If you’ve gone to a party in Western Sydney in the last couple of years, you might have noticed that photo booths are a regular feature of many events in the area. In the Western Sydney area, event organisers are taking advantage in the upward trend of photo booths to make their functions more memorable and fun. Why are photo booths becoming so popular all of a sudden? It comes down to the fact that people LOVE taking photos. With billions of selfies uploaded to social networks every day, it’s clear that we’re taking more photos than ever. Taking a photo with a group in a photo booth is even more fun than taking a snap with your phone camera.

There’s no better way to save the best memories from an event than a photo. Our booths have tons of different filters and effects to make every photo session a blast! We also include props and costumes to really make things fun! You can select props that fit the theme of your event, or we’ll choose them for you! We work with each and every one of our clients to create custom photo booth packages to suit any type of party from a wedding to a bar mitzvah. If you’re looking to get excellent value for your money, photo booths are much less expensive than hiring another form of entertainment for your party. They provide hours upon hours of fun and let your guests print out high-quality photos on professional-grade photo paper to take home. You can also instantly upload your photos to your favourite social networking profile!

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a seasonal event, a corporate function, a hen night, or any other function, we can create the perfect package for you! Hosting your party outdoors? No issue! We’ve got everything covered, and we’ll provide support in case you’re the photo booth we lease you suddenly breaks down. We’ll immediately replace it with a new one to keep the party going!

Why miss out on having a ton of fun with your guests? Make your child’s birthday party even more special, or immortalise the best moments of your event forever with beautiful printed photographs from our booths!

Get in touch with us today to book your slot and we’ll handle everything from the drop-off to the pick-up! We provide a stress-free booking experience and give you a free quote to see how much it’ll cost to get one of our booths out to your next event!

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